Things to Look for in a Content Marketing Service

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Traditional marketing and advertising campaigns aren’t producing the results they used to. Today, consumers have a lot of information at their fingertips, which they can easily access through a smartphone or laptop. Let’s go through some statistics:

Thus, the future of marketing is generating content that is valuable to your prospects. You want to come up with content that establishes your company as THE authority and that helps your prospects make better decisions in the process. Do it well and your website will start appearing magically on Google’s first page for relevant keyword searches.

Here, we highlight things you should look for in a content marketing service:

Solid boundaries

Your content marketing agency must be willing to say no.

You won’t get the work you’re looking for if you only want yes-people. You need creative, strong counsel.

Remember, the right agency will always explain why an idea may fail, then provide a better alternative. They’ll always tell you when you’re working against your own objectives. Consider an agency your partner, not someone you can just yell orders at.

Ask if they have ever said no to a client and why. Ideally, they’ll tell you why they said no, what did they do, and why it worked.
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Great communication

Your content marketing agency should always ensure you’re on the same page.

Without great communication, it’s impossible to achieve great work. The right agency will touch base frequently to avoid destroying your timeline and wasting your budget, talk through your issues, and check-in with you. Whether it’s providing visual references or double-checking deadlines, they’ll do everything in their capacity to ensure the conversion at the end of the project meets your expectations!

The first meeting will tell you how good they’re at communicating. Notice if they’re good listeners and whether or not they’re taking the time to really answer your queries (or just saying what they think you would like to hear).

Trustworthy reputation

Your content marketing agency should have client recommendations and testimonials.

Word-of-mouth is always powerful. If an agency can’t find enough clients to say something nice about them on LinkedIn, their website, or somewhere else, look for another agency.

Lasting partnerships

Your content marketing agency should have long-term clients.

Don’t trust anyone who can’t maintain relationships. Yes, some engagements may have certain issues but if the majority of someone’s clients don’t stick around, it’s a red flag. If you think your agency will burn you in the end, try finding another one.

When looking for a content marketing agency, search their portfolio for a track record of successful partner relationships.
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Industry contributions

Your content marketing agency regularly creates resources to help people make better content.

Remember, good content marketing agencies do their work well – they see the bigger picture and strive to be part of it. Some agencies want to elevate their industry and platform as a whole. This means they’re eager and willing to share videos, white papers, eBooks, presentations, etc. – all in the name of achieving new heights.

Ask them what they’re passionate about and what trends they’re seeing. These conversations can be inspiring for both of you.

Demonstrated expertise

Your content marketing agency frequently writes thought leadership pieces.

While the right agency always wants to learn, they’re also confident and happy to teach a thing or two. It’s a sign of maturity and wisdom. See if your agency has a blog. Reviewing this type of content will give you a sense of who they are and how they think.

Before chatting, review a recent article – it’s an incredible ice breaker when you’re trying to get to know them.
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Versatile skills

Your content marketing agency’s portfolio must showcase an array of products.

In content marketing, a ‘same thing forever’ attitude is never good. If you want to push your brand to the next level, experimentation is paramount.

Look for a content marketing agency that wants to devour the unknown and try something new. Even if they specialize in a field, for example medical, they should be constantly evolving and pushing their own limits. Work with an agency that’s ready for anything.

Ask them to send you examples of their more experimental work. They should have something on hand – even if it’s an internal project.

Real results

Your content marketing agency must present case studies.

The right agency wants to know what they did right, where did they go wrong, and how to improve the performance and process moving forward. Case studies show that they’re invested in their clients and their work.

Look for agencies that have case studies for work in what you aspire to do or in your particular industry.

A good process

Your content marketing agency should tell you who you’ll be working with, why, and when.

Who wants to be repeatedly handed off to a stranger? No one. The right agency will tell you exactly who will be handling your account’s promotion, productivity, and business from the get-go. They should also guide you about their process and who your point of contact will be. While the agency may know who will be in charge of what, you may easily feel neglected if this isn’t clear.

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