Listing Some of The Best Social Media & Messaging App Campaigns

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Social media marketing has become integral to a business’s overall marketing strategy. It is hard to envisage a business not using social media to increase its online market share and brand awareness. Marketers are increasingly leveraging the power of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok to attract, engage and convert audiences into loyal customers.

Having said that, you need to carefully analyze and strategize the use of social media to your advantage. Consumers are increasingly looking to social media to make their purchase decisions, and any bad service or reviews can impact the ability of your business to attract customers and generate sales.

If you don’t have the necessary experience to create effective social media campaigns, then you should work with an external social media management agency that can assist you in creating engaging campaigns that help achieve your business goals. Having said that, various companies across the globe have used social media marketing to good effect. Here are some of the best social media and messaging app campaigns that created a global buzz.

Carlsberg’s Facebook Social Media Campaign

Carlsberg created a magnificent Facebook campaign to promote their special beer in honor of Liverpool FC reaching the 2019 Champions League final. Their special red beer was reminiscent of Liverpool’s famous red kit. To promote the beer, Carlsberg harnessed the power of Facebook and the global Liverpool fan network through the social media platform to gain a remarkable audience.

As a part of the campaign, the company shared a video message of their coach Jurgen Klopp. Within two months, the company achieved remarkable results. Their ROI was 19 times the amount spent on ads. Their website experienced a significant increase in traffic and strengthened the association with Liverpool FC. By sponsoring the iconic English club, Carlsberg improved its brand awareness and drove traffic to its website. Their campaign was one to remember!

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Red Bull’s Instagram Media Campaign

We know Red Bull’s iconic energy drink and the “given wings” slogan. They are consistently ranked in the top 100 of the most powerful brand lists published by Forbes. It is not surprising to see the energy drink sold in more than 170 countries. Since its inception, the company has introduced four new flavors to cater to the tastes of different markets. Red Bull has successfully used social media to its great advantage.

They introduced a summer Instagram marketing campaign to boost the sales of their “Summer Edition” drink in Australia. To build up the hype, the company released the trailer for their new drink just before the summer hit in Australia. To hook customers on their new look, they used yellow filters across images and videos that were a good depiction of the summers down under. The hashtag #thissummer was dominated by Red Bull’s mentions.

Their campaign was quite successful as it reached more than a million customers. They experienced a 10-pint lift in mental awareness, a 9-point lift in favorability, and a significant drop in the unconvinced market.

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Ocean Spray’s TikTok Campaign

TikTok has been a revelation since its inception, and brands have quickly jumped onto the social media platform to promote their products and services to a new audience. Ocean Spray used a viral video with 28.5 million views to promote its product. The video featured Nathan Apodaca drinking from an Ocean Spray bottle while skateboarding on his way to work.

The brand grasped the opportunity by sending the influencer a red pick-up truck full of Ocean Spray products, urging him to replicate his original video. The replication received more than 4 million likes and reached a considerable audience. This was an organic and clever way to reach a new set of audience and promote their products.

Auto Trader’s Twitter Social Media Campaign

Auto Trader is one of the largest online car marketplaces in the UK. They created a memorable Twitter campaign during the 2018 World Cup. The brand wasn’t sponsoring the main event but aimed to become the highlight during the event. They started a marketing campaign where they were offering a free car every time England scored a world cup goal.

England’s world cup history isn’t too bright, so the expectation in the general public was they wouldn’t need to give out many cars! #AutoTraderGoals provided the company with a structured marketing campaign that helped them achieve a lot of visibility. The fun started when England performed beyond expectations.

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The campaign was a huge success. The company chose Twitter as it provides a ready-made audience consisting of sports fans. The hashtag was a constant top trend on Twitter and ranked higher than the actual world cup sponsors such as Coca-Cola. It captured the viewers’ attention through quality videos and conversations amongst fans. It makes a brilliant case study of how to engage with people on Twitter and achieve your marketing goals.


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