Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where are you located?

    The company is based in Doral, Florida however the team members are 100% remote and therefore, all over.

  2. What is marketing?

    Marketing is the strategy you use for getting your ideal target market to know, like, and trust you enough to become a customer.

  3. What is advertising?

    Advertising is the tactic you use for making your offer known.

    The four ways to make your offer known is telling someone you know (warm outreach), telling someone you don't know (cold outreach), telling many people you know (content), and telling many people you don't know (running ads).

  4. Why do you call yourself famously unknown?

    We started calling the company "famously unknown" and "extra-ordinary" as a joke when we saw it on a sign in front of a pizza shop.

    Famously unknown is because we are hyper-efficient and only target people that need our services (and don't waste time promoting our offer to people that didn't) and extra-ordinary is a jab to marketing consultancies pretending to do extraordinary work.

  5. Who are most of your clients?

    Agencies. We like partnering with agencies because it allows us to focus on the work and not worry about selling. They like working with us because it minimizes their clients' exposure to other agencies. Also, they profit handsomely while taking the credit for our awesome work! More on agency partnerships here.

    That said, we've been getting lots of requests from local service businesses (i.e., roofers, doctors, contractors, lawyers) and SMB brand managers looking to expand their reach and get in front of more customers.

  6. Can you work with my marketing department?

    Yes. We love working with marketing teams. Some of our best work is helping people that know what they're doing, but just don't have time to get in-the-weeds. That's where we thrive!

    Bottom line, we want to support your team and free them up so they can focus on bigger things.

  7. What type of marketing and advertising services do you provide?

    Our flagship product is Google Ads Campaign Monitoring & Optimization as well as other compimentary services. Instead of listing everything we do, it's best to contact us with your needs and we'll let you know if we can help.

  8. How do your prices compare to others?

    From what our clients tell us, we're more affordable. That said, we're not looking to be the cheapest, we're aiming to provide exceptional value at at a fair price.

  9. What's a good mark-up for your services for agencies and consultants?

    Many of our white label agency partners double (2x) our prices. Some increase it 3-4x.

    If you're handing off the work as you're receiving it from us, 1.5-2x will keep you competitive and still highly profitable.

    If you're doing a lot of hand holding or adding additional client services on top of what we're doing for you, then by all means you need to charge for that as well.

  10. What's the next step for working with SMARTER CLICKS MEDIA?

    The first step is to reach out and tell us what you're looking to get out of working with us.

    Complete the client outreach form (or the agency partner form if you're interested in applying for Agency Partnership).



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