Facebook Jewelry Ads: Should You Advertise Your Jewelry On Facebook?

Today, an increasing number of businesses are using social media for advertising their products. Using Facebook ads, they can enhance their brand awareness and drive sales conversions.

As the owner of a jewelry business, it's important to leverage Facebook advertising as an effective way to engage potential customers.

Creating Facebook jewelry ads should play a large part in your digital marketing strategy alongside SEO and email marketing. In this guide, let's look at how to create Facebook ads for jewelry store owners.

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Why should you start advertising your jewelry on Facebook now?

With over 2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. People use it to have conversations and share their lives with their friends.

For businesses, it's an effective e-commerce tool that brings them closer to their target audience.

However, few jewelers are using Facebook ads in their marketing campaigns. Some are even hesitant because it costs time and money to start an ad campaign, but just like traditional advertising, you will need to set aside a budget to accomplish your goals.

What makes Facebook advertising so effective is retargeting. If you have a website or landing page, you can't expect every visitor to convert. On average, the average landing page conversion rate is at around 2%. That means you have 98% of visitors leaving your site without making a purchase.

With Facebook jewelry ads, you can show targeted ads to visitors who left your site. Facebook Pixel takes this a step further by allowing you to analyze the behaviors and demographics of your target audience and show them Facebook ads for the jewelry they saw on your site.

Advertising your jewelry business on Facebook can help maximize conversions and deliver a higher ROI. It's the perfect way for entrepreneurs and jewelry designers to improve profitability.

Google vs Facebook ads for jewelry shops

When it comes to building an advertising strategy, you could look towards either Facebook or Google ads. Below, we detail how they are different, and which one is best for your jewelry brand:

    Google ads for jewelry shops

    The difference between Facebook and Google ads lies in user intent. Google users utilize keywords to search for the products they want to purchase.

    In your case, your target audience could be using keywords like "jewelry store near me" or "silver necklaces". When potential customers enter these terms in the Google search bar, Google's search algorithm analyzes their intent and shows them text ads and dynamic ads that match their intent.

    Google ads are a powerful means to generate qualified traffic, but if you need to outpace other sellers, you will have to pay more in terms of cost-per-click.

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    Facebook ads for jewelry shops

    Facebook advertising uses a different mechanism for showing ads. Unlike Google, which uses search intent as a key metric, Facebook shows your jewelry ads to users who are unaware of your local business in the first place.

    With Facebook jewelry ads, you can target people who might be interested in buying your products. This makes for highly effective targeting and brand awareness that costs less to maintain compared to Google ads.

    Facebook ads for selling jewelry will only cost you $0.90 per click. If you have a tight budget for targeting and retargeting potential customers, consider making use of Facebook advertising.

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4 Facebook ad tips every jewelry shop should know

If you want your local jewelry business to succeed, it's important that you know how to utilize Facebook ads for optimal brand awareness and conversion. Here are four tips to help you get started:

    Set up your Facebook Pixel and retarget

    The first thing you will need to do is to implement Facebook Pixel on each page of your website. Next, you will need to add your products to your Facebook business page. Once you are set up, you can get insights from Facebook Pixel and create engaging jewelry ads.

    Know your audience

    Audience research is the key to getting the most out of Facebook advertising. For this, you will need the platform's Audience Insights tool. Use this tool to determine a custom audience that is interested in your products. This allows you to come up with ad placements that are sure to engage the needs of specific audience segments.

    For a more in-depth look into the behaviors of your target audience, consider uncovering hidden interests through Facebook's Ad Targeting tool. This will allow you to gain a better understanding of customers who are interested in specific products, such as handmade jewelry.

    Keep an eye on your social interactions

    Once you have launched your Facebook ad campaign, you need to monitor its performance. Some ads may not be as effective as others, so it's important to adjust your campaign for maximum efficiency. You will need to look at a few key metrics for this.

    Post impressions show how frequently your ads are viewed, while engagement measures the number of times people interact with your ad. Click-throughs, reactions, shares, and comments are some of the ways you can gauge audience interaction. If you're not getting high numbers from these metrics, consider adjusting your targeting options.

    Get creative with your Facebook ads

    The success of your ads campaign will largely depend on how they are presented. Are you using high-quality photos and custom graphics? Are you using carousel ads to promote the jewelry sets that have just arrived in your Amazon store? What is the tone of the ad copy?


Promoting your jewelry business can be simplified by using Facebook ads. With proper planning and execution, you can generate brand awareness and attract people who would love to wear your latest products.

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