5 Bespoke Website Designs for All Types of Businesses

The importance of bespoke website designs is evident from the fact that a third of people rely on the internet to find local businesses.

If your website is attractive and user-friendly, you can expect to drive more traffic and higher-quality leads.

But what about the cost?

Can a small business afford to hire an expert web designer and purchase a set of design tools?

Probably not.

But here's the thing; you don't need a web development team or a branding portfolio to design a winning website.

Even with a limited budget, you can create an effective website by leveraging the power of knowledge and basic creativity.

The reality is, website creation boils down to easy and seamless navigation, intuitive functions, well-written content, typography, images, and tasteful use of color.

However, when the creative juices just won't flow, coming up with a great website design can become a daunting task.

If you feel stuck and frustrated and are looking for inspiration, this article will be your saving grace!

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5 bespoke website designs guaranteed to sway your audience...

The internet is packed with fascinating websites who's designers understood what works with their target audience (and what doesn't).

To make things easier for you, we've rounded up our top five picks for bespoke website designs.

Whether you're creating a website from scratch or redesigning it to stay relevant in your industry, these examples will offer up more than a few great ideas.

  1. AÃRK Collective

    URL: https://www.aarkcollective.com/

    This website tells visitors all about the business at a glance.

    Using full-page timepieces and high-quality images, it reflects the brand's commitment to elegant yet edgy designs.

    Since AARK Collective is an online store, the website gives more of a "gallery" vibe, allowing you to explore the collection in a masonry grid style.

    The intentional use of minimalistic elements lets visitors focus on the items displayed.

    Text is revealed only when you click on a particular product to view additional details.

    The product page presents all the info in a coherent manner and showcases extra images from various angles to help prospects make a well-informed decision.

  2. Aroz Jewelry

    URL: https://arozjewelry.com/en/

    This jewelry store has an immaculate website that welcomes visitors with a full-width image of a beautiful woman adorned with stunning jewelry pieces. Just below the banner, the pieces are displayed in a grid slider.

    As you scroll down, you'll notice how intelligently the web designer has used zoom-in animation, fade-in effects, and slide-in animation.

    This absolutely makes for powerful visual impact.

    Furthermore, the text sections highlight the store's offerings eloquently.

    They also have a contact form and a convincing CTA to direct visitors to their social media pages.

    The website also has a blog section that features designer and customer stories and the latest collections.

    Overall, the designer has created a sophisticated and professional brand image with the website.

    If you have an e-commerce store, this is the kind of stuff you should be taking inspiration from!

  3. Wildwood Bakery

    URL: https://www.wildwoodbakery.com.au/

    The use of delicate illustrations, captivating color palette, and close-up photos of yummy baked goods makes this Australian bakery website is a great example of true bespoke website designs.

    The homepage has sufficient details about the bakery and it directs visitors to the online store, with just one click, allowing visitors to explore the goods and place their order without hassle.

    It also offers to take them to their Sourdough Subscription service page.

    Social links and other useful resources are added to the footer, which they made stand out better than cookie-cutter (pun intended) bakery template website designs do.

    They also used large fonts for "Sustainability" and "Wholesale" which brings people's attention to what many of their visitors go there searching for.

    On the store page, visitors can use search filters to explore products, depending on their unique taste and flavors.

    Sidenote: You'd be surprised how many e-commerce websites neglect those easy and relatively low-cost bells and whistles that make shopping on the website easier and increase sales by 88% on average.

    Items are added to the card in a snap.

    All in all, Wildwood Bakery focuses on the little details (like the custom cart icon) to stand out from its competitors and for their efforts, they've got a great website that is solely responsible for a huge chunk of their sales and for keeping them relevant in an increasingly competitive space.

  4. Wisr

    URL: https://www.wisr.com.au/

    No template financial services website here.

    In fact, we almost couldn't tell Wisr was a financial services website until we read the text!

    That's how bespoke website designs work.

    This website has an aesthetically pleasing homepage that introduces you to the company's offerings as you follow the simulated marble path from top to bottom.

    Whether you think it's purely for the aesthetics or the intention is to make the financial journey look less complicated, you can't deny that its design easily stands out from their competitions' boring sites.

    It's not just aesthetics that visitors love, however.

    This website has cool features like prompting visitors to go back to the page they exited from.

    How many times have you pressed the back button on a financial website only to get an error message and then have to go through the logging in process all over again?

    Bank websites and financial websites are getting a little more user friendly but in general, they are way far behind compared to others and this is something Wisr wisely (another pun!) used bespoke website design to gain a competitive advantage against their competition. Many bigger and more recognizable but can't compete with Wisr's ability to move more quickly and be more creative with their website design.

  5. Sweet Dreams

    URL: https://mysweetdreams.co/

    This stunning website uses 2D and 3D illustrations, interactive graphics, and scrolling animation effects to keep visitors engaged.

    Since it sells CBD and melatonin products, it highlights customer reviews on the main page to win prospects' trust.

    This is an excellent attempt at helping people get the feel of their products without actually promoting them... especially since there's a lot misinformation surrounding CBD products and services and people aren't 100% trusting of the industry in general just yet.

    Product links are added throughout the informational sections to ensure prospects know what to expect when buying a particular product which is a great way to reduce the amount of shoppers that abandon their shopping carts without completing their purchase.

    Lastly, the brilliant choice of colors puts visitors at ease (again, super important when you're in an industry still trying to prove it's legitimacy and you yourself are looking to stand out from the crowd by letting visitors know you're trustworthy and an authority in your space... all things bespoke web designs are designed to do), inviting them to reclaim their sleep schedule.

Ready to create your own website?

It's not uncommon for small businesses to struggle when designing their website.

The competition is fierce in pretty much every industry now, so you want to make sure you give it your all when re-doing, redesigning, or creating your website design.

The bespoke website designs shared above will give you a good basic idea of how you should strategize how you want your website to look, what you want it to portray, how you can stand out from your competition, and how to make it as easy as possible for people to do transact with you.

Remember to check each website out and see for yourself what makes them pop.

You can then experiment and see what works best for your website and how it fits into what your target market is looking for.

For more inspiration and expert assistance, feel free to reach out to our web design team.

Our web designing experts are the best at creating sleek tailored websites designed for your individual business needs that'll grab your visitors' attention and keep them engaged as we guide them through to the sale, phone call, in-person visit, or whatever your desired action is.

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5 bespoke website designs for all types of businesses



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